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A manager's guide to remote teamwork: Check in using pulse surveys

September 21, 2021

Survey asking how was your day


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It’s harder to pick up on whether your colleagues are feeling stressed or low on energy when you can’t see them face-to-face. 

If you’re following Step 2: One-to-one and Step 4: Regular Retrospectives, you should already have a good idea of how most of your employees are feeling, but some people will find it tricky to give you honest feedback on a call regardless of your efforts. 

Launching a quick survey on how the team is working together is a great way to:

  • invite honest, specific feedback from the team
  • improve understanding of team weaknesses
  • provide direction for next area of focus

Step 1: Launch a survey

CoachBot’s team diagnostic assesses teams using the 3 Gets Model and collects everyone’s feedback in the same place as your one-to-ones, retrospectives, behaviours etc.

Get Set:  Is the team agreed on and aligned behind the proven fundamentals of team success?

Get Safe: Has the team created a safe learning environment where team members can be honest and say how they feel?

Get Strong: Does the team leverage high levels of safety to form strong and collaborative relationships defined by constructive and assertive (not aggressive) interactions?

If you don’t have access to CoachBot, there are other team diagnostic tools out there or you can make your own survey in Typeform if you have the time. 

Step 2 : Discuss the results. 

Schedule an hour-long meeting to share the results with the team and discuss what they mean for you. How you facilitate the discussion will depend on the survey you’ve chosen.

Some rules of thumb that apply to most of the team diagnostics I’ve seen:

  1. Focus on one or two areas of weakness to begin with or you’ll lose focus.
  2. Decide on what you’ll try to do differently as a result. Treat this as an ‘experiment’ rather than a solution and agree on a timeframe.
  3. Make a note to review the progress of your ‘experiments’ after the agreed timeframe. 
3Gets Survey Results in CoachBot

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Download the Manager's Guide to Remote Working Handbook

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