Saberr feature: Habit Tracker

January 20, 2022

Habit tracker

One of the challenges we hear a lot is that it’s hard to make learning stick. For many organizations it’s hard to track if managers are doing a good job or if they’re adopting good management practices and consequently it’s hard to evaluate the underlying causes of low performance.

So to solve this challenge of measuring team effectiveness, we’ve introduced the habit tracker - a survey that you can encourage all teams to take across the organization. It provides actionable insight into the performance of teams, which of the 7 habits of highly effective teams they are or are not doing. What they believe to be working well and where they see the challenges. 

It will give a quick sense of the context of each team. You’ll understand how the team perceives the current “performance gap” and also the levels of readiness to change. It will help you understand the levels of motivation to make changes and levels of psychological safety or how comfortable each team is in raising tough issues. As a central team this will really help prioritize the areas that need most support. 

It will also give the team a chance to prioritize the habits and routines that they should develop as a team.

Habit tracker-2


We know that in any organization it’s also critical to get teams working across boundaries. Collaboration within and between teams are equally important. So we ask questions to understand the enablers and disablers for collaboration across boundaries.  In larger datasets we help organize these to identify themes and patterns. 

Habit Tracker 2


It’s a quick survey, designed to give a really focussed report from the central team. But - as with all Saberr products our aim is to make it actionable for the teams on the ground as well. So that they can prioritize regular improvements and develop effective team habits. 



Will this replace the Team Health Check (3 Gets survey)?

No this will be available in addition to the team Health-check. They fulfill different purposes. The Team Pulse is intended to give an organization wide view on how teams are developing and encourage the right prioritization of “seven critical habits of an effective team”.  The healthcheck is a deeper and wider diagnostic tool done on a team by team basis. See comparison below. 


Team Pulse

Team Health Check 


Organization wide

Team by Team


Pulse into team context & the routines and habits they should prioritize

Deeper dive insight into team clarity (get set), psychological safety (get safe) and standards (get strong). 


Regular cadence - we suggest every 3 or 6 months 

Ad hoc - when the team need a deeper reflection

Central Output

Quarterly Insights Report


Team output

Headline results highlighting areas to focus on

Results with links to actions and support

Coaching support

Not usually

Available on request


How can we get started?

If you are interested just drop us a note to get started. Our suggestion is that you run the team pulse quarterly or every six months. We will need just a little extra information from your to get set up including:  

  • Employee csv file with each employee email listed against:
    • their main or “home” team (used when asking them questions about their team)
    • Their segment or department. Recommendation is for this split to be a maximum of 6 groups. 

Client to state order the segment/departments should be presented in. Order needs to be meaningful, e.g. by number of employees, or in line with internal reporting, such as “1. Sales, 2. R&D” or “1. Europe, 2. US” etc

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