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Inside Saberr's personality assessment

February 4, 2021

Saberr is launching a new and improved survey designed to give you further insight into what’s behind the resonance scores you see at the moment — we’re going inside the black box!

The New Survey

Using the Schwartz Theory of Basic Human Values the new survey, based on an updated version of our algorithm, will provide a thorough measurement of your team’s values which we’ll then translate into reports to help you evaluate the impact of the scores you see.

The biggest changes are:

  • Results are based on 11 of the Schwartz Values Framework values
  • Results show the team’s deep, intrinsic motivators
  • More emphasis on tolerance to others’ values — a key indicator of resonance
  • Analysis of tolerance is on a scale showing degrees of tolerance
  • Your values alignment scores are a more accurate measure of resonance leading to better hiring and team design

Improved Team Report

The improved team report provides the type of insight into a team that takes years to build.

Instead of just a number, we can show you the business impact that number might have and we offer much more advice regarding what to do if your teams are different. The report can be applied to candidates, teams and pairs of people. It lets you see what brings them together or what could cause problems and answers some common customer questions…

  • What does the score 46 mean?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What’s the difference between 46 and 66?
  • What values are behind the score?
  • Could certain situations cause problems?
  • What’s the impact of hiring a low score candidate?

Why values matter

Shared values and tolerance of differences indicate how easy or difficult it might be for teams to develop relationships based on mutual trust, therefore how easy it is for a team to work together. Having visibility of potential problems can help you to avoid a bad hiring decision or moving people into a team that they won’t work well alongside. The new Saberr report lets you compare existing team members or candidates.

If a low resonance pair in the same team is unavoidable, Saberr offers you advice on how best to deal with their differences for a smooth transition.

We’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried the new survey for yourself…Our goal is to help you create happy and high performing teams and we think this is the next step to getting there.

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