Saberr feature - People Management Course

February 4, 2021

The Saberr platform is designed to help you get the best from your team. Let’s take a look at how courses can help.

Courses are designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle issues that might arise in your team - or better still, prevent those issues from arising in the first place.

If you’re managing a team of people who are themselves managers, courses help them apply best practise people management skills in a consistent way - meaning everyone in your organisation can expect the same great experience from their manager.

‍Our first course, called People Management, is specifically designed to help you learn the basics of great team management. You can complete the course in your own time but it should take no more than 4 weeks to absorb the learning and put it all into practise. At the end of the course you should feel confident that your people skills are up to scratch and you know how to manage issues that might arise in your team.

There’s 3 modules: the first is about understanding yourself as a manager, next is being a great manager on a 1-1 level and the final module is about being a great team leader.

We've deliberately made the course interactive with regular opportunities to put the learning into practise with your team, solving real problems. The most frequent way we help you do this is through creating opportunities and guidance for conversation and discussion with your team. Both as individuals in 1-1 meetings but also in whole team settings.

As an example, say you’re in the first module learning about who you are as a manager, one of the sections talks about getting feedback on your style from your team - right from within the course you can view a meeting template with all the right agenda points for gathering feedback which you can then apply to your next 1-1 with specific people from your team.

The whole course is designed in this way - to make it really easy for you practice great management. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself as a manager.

Courses are only a small part of the Saberr Platform. Check out what else it can do here.

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