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September 22, 2021

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Hello managers! As you know, the Saberr platform is designed to help you get the best from your team. A critical component of this is knowing your people - understanding their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, personality and values.

‍If you spend enough time with someone you might come to understand each other but what if you don't have time? What if you need to get up to speed, build trust and a strong, effective relationship quickly? That's where Saberr's Profiles feature comes in.

Profiles are designed to help you get to know each other better. By giving you a concrete understanding of your team’s strengths, motivations, personality, values and preferred style of working.

If you’re managing a team of people who are themselves managers, Profiles are a great way to make sure everyone in your department really builds trust and strong company culture. This is radical candour in action.


There’s two parts to profiles - the first is about helping you understand yourself. Each person has control over their own profile - including what parts to make public and what parts to keep private. You can add sections like working preferences, take surveys to understand your personality and strengths or uncover your values.

The second part is helping you understand your colleagues. And like most things on the Saberr platform it’s all about making improvements to your day to day interactions with your team.

‍Saberr Profiles are designed to support conversations at key moments - particularly onboarding a new employee where you need to understand each other quickly or during development conversations where you want to help coach a team member in achieving their personal development goals. You can also use team profiles to foster psychological safety across the team.

The whole point of our Profiles feature is to help you gain understanding of each other, foster great relationships and build a strong culture so you can get stuff done without the headache.

Our goal is to help you become the very best version of yourself as a manager. So next time you've got a meeting coming up, add a Profiles template to the agenda and follow the steps to guide the discussion through different aspects of each other's profile.


Profiles are only a small part of the Saberr Platform. Check out what else it can do here.

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