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Why you’re failing to change team behaviours at scale

September 21, 2021

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You might be confident that the change programme you’ve delivered is second to none.

You’ve worked closely with senior leadership to set the vision for change.

You’ve crafted a compelling story to explain why the change is necessary and implemented a thoughtful communication strategy to deliver that story.

But you’ve also learnt the hard way that once a new direction is established, it comes down to individuals and teams to change their actions and behaviours. And unless they do … what’s the point of it all?

‍Ultimately, employees’ habits are your culture.

We become what we repeatedly do.

And those habits are extremely hard to change, even if you’ve ‘won the hearts and minds’ in the earlier stages of change.

If only you had the time and the budget (or could clone yourself) so that you could personally coach every team in the organisation through this change — be there as they explore what the change means for them specifically and then ensure they remain aligned with the new direction over time.‍

Imagine how much more effective organisational change would be if you could personally coach every team and every employee at every level in the business through the change required? You'd be able to turn every manager into an effective leader.

But in reality budgets are limited, time is short and there's only one of you. And whilst change is never-ending, your change programme is probably time bound. You need to devote your time where it will have the biggest impact.

Leadership development, performance management, culture change and a real shift in the way companies operate needs to start with entry level managers, not just senior execs.

That’s why change consultants and coaches are partnering with Saberr to deliver effective organisational change. Technology cannot replace the need for your human expertise but it allows you to scale coaching practices to parts of the organisation that you can’t feasibly reach otherwise.

Saberr can scale exponentially to coach every team through organisational change whereas your knowledge, your time, your processes cannot. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Get Your Manager's Guide to Building High-Performing Teams

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